Damien de Bohun talks Westfield W-League

Head of the Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun took time out to answer your questions about the Westfield W-League.

Head of the Hyundai A-League Damien de Bohun took time out to answer your questions about the Westfield W-League.

Kats: How many W-League matches have you attended this season? Damien: #WLeagueGF in Melbourne will be my 10th match this season. I've been to at least 1 match at every home venue.

LR: What areas of AAMI Park will be open for the#WLeagueGF Damien: The western stand with options to open others if crowd is bigger. Tickets at ticket box E.

TBG TALKS: Why aren't #WLeague games curtain raisers to#ALeague games? Damien: There have been some double headers this season. We are looking into this for the future.

Jo West: Will the FFA please make the #wleague season longer so it's a full home & away season? Damien: This will be reviewed at end of the season.

Dani Harbot: What are the chances of future wleague games being played in better conditions at late arvo/night? The heat has impacted on games & the style of play this season and cooler conditions would improve standard. Players r used 2 night conditions Damien: It is great to have the Westfield W-League broadcast on ABC. Broadcaster requirements are an important consideration.

Dianne: W-League has many Int'l fans, any plans for stream access free or PPV? Damien: It is great to have so many overseas fans of the Westfield W-League. We are looking into streaming overseas.

Tim Collins: why isn't the w league grand final played as a curtain raiser to the mv sfc game on Saturday makes sense to many? Damien: Double header needs to be close enough to @ALeague kick-off to be meaningful. With sell-out and broadcast needs it was determined that the #WLeagueGF was better as a feature match in its own right.

Danielle Warby: The #wleague can be sustainable w/ small investment. What would convince clubs & FFA to put in more $ & resources? Damien: Clubs, FFA and states all invest time, resources and money in #WLeague. We are also on the lookout for more sponsors.

Ele Winston: Matildas definately have potential 2 be no.1 in the world. But they need to become fulltime players,is this ever going to happen? Damien: League in season 5 and improving. Great opportunity for Matildas to prepare for internationals even though not F/T.

Shell: Sally Ships has done a great job with the @FFA social media accounts, but could they be better utilised to grow the game? Damien: @SalShip is doing great but as a whole we could be doing more on social.

Naomi Woodley: if social media is key to engaging fans why did @FFA not live tweet games this season as @FFAGirlsFC did in 11/12? Damien: This season's focus was improving our official live match centre were we covered every match.

Fleta Page: Can you improve FFA website to be more W-League friendly? @CanberraUnited isn't listed among clubs & info can be hard to find Damien: Thanks for the feedback re: Canberra United we are always looking to improve the website.

Aaron Lawton: Would the w-league consider men referees if they mean better referees? Damien: FFA is committed to providing opportunities for female refs and developing world class officials

Tony Swifte: When are you going to get some decent officials, so the players become the focus, not them and the poor execution? Damien: Our top women officials are some of the best in the world - see 2011 WC and 2012 Olympics. We are building depth to cover these refs when they are on international duty.

n.arthur: Q from USA, where WUSA/WPS failed: Can women's football be financially viable w/o men's-league backing? Damien: In Australia integration of men's and women's football teams is a model that is working well.

haurice: wleague is great for this country. Is anyone in aus pushing to bring the womens world or asian cup to our shores? Damien: AFC Womens Asian Cup was in Australia back in 2006. We would love to hold future tournaments.

Heather Reid: why @WLeague doesn't play H&A 14rounds. HAL has 3 rounds 21 games Damien: League increase by 2 rounds this season. We will review again.

dzurlady: How will the FFA be promoting the @WLeague next season? Damien: Build on growing momentum through broadcast, digital, PR and promotion of key players and game.

Rebecca Sear: when are you actually going to pay attention to the smaller Adelaide GIRLS soccer clubs? Help the smaller clubs!! Damien: Enjoyed watching Adelaide play this season. Young team with lots of potential and feeder for local teams.

BRoar_WLeague_Mascot: can you release the draw in July/ August giving fans enough time to save and organize travel Damien: Great feedback. We'll look to release draw earlier. Challenges with some venue availability.

Danielle Warby: Do staff at the FFA and relevant Clubs have #wleague KPIs? Damien: FFA staff have #WLeague KPIs around attendance and broadcast measured weekly.

Ele Winston: Will the W-league ever replicate a-league of having a youth league or 2nd level to assist with the development of footballers Damien: Links with states ensures clear pathway for footballers. This is working based on quality of play this year.

Caitlin Campbell: would you ever add in a New Zealand team? Damien: A few questions about expansion, eg NZ. Main thing right now is to consolidate but open to expansion in the future.

Shell: Where do you see the @WLeague in 5 or 10 years time? Damien: With growth in football there is no reason why #WLeague can't be the leading women's league in Australia.

Diane: Are efforts being made to expand coverage in the media? TV, print, and online? Sarah Groube: building on this question re media, will you extend @WLeague into radio on @abcgrandstand Damien: Working with ABC to extend engagement with football on radio.

Damien: Appreciate your insights and input to help with our planning for next season. Great to see so many #WLeague fans out there.

Damien: Enjoy the #WLeagueGF. If you can't get to @AAMIPark in Melbourne on Sunday tune into @ABCTV at 3.30pm local time nationally.