Footballer's Style - Jenna Tristram

Recently-retired Westfield Matilda and new Westfield W-League ABC TV commentator Cheryl Salisbury sat down with Brisbane Roar's Jenna Tristram to talk about what it's like to be a footballer with style.

Recently-retired Westfield Matilda and new Westfield W-League ABC TV commentator Cheryl Salisbury sat down with Brisbane Roar's Jenna Tristram to talk about what it's like to be a footballer with style.

Name: Jenna Tristram

Age: 22

Playing Number: 9

When did you start playing football? I registered for my first team, the Boambee Bombers Boys, when I was 9 years old. For years before that though, I always had a ball with me at my brother-s training.

Playing position? Currently, I am a striker...I played centre midfield up until I was around 15 then made the swap.

Caps for Australia: Westfield Matildas - 9

Junior club: I played for Boambee until I was around 14, then played for Sawtell in the Men-s League until I was 18 (both based in Coffs Harbour).

What do you love most about Brisbane? Being from a small coastal town, I have never been a fan of big cities and lots of crowds, so when I decided to move to Brisbane, I was unsure how long I would last. Brisbane turned out to be nothing like I had expected. It-s more like a BIG country town than a major city It has a relatively casual atmosphere (people don-t walk around like it-s the ‘end of the world‘as they do in Sydney haha), the people are friendly; there are great restaurant strips and relaxing parks.

Who-s the toughest opponent you-ve played? Brazil at the 2006 Youth World Cup in Russia. I think we lost 2-0. The experienced gained from being fortunate enough to play such a highly skilful and talented team will always remain a highlight of my career so far.

Favourite football team? I have never really followed any Football Leagues such as the EPL, but when my boyfriend (who is an AFL player) knew more about it than me, I thought I had best step it up a notch and support a team; so I chose Chelsea.

Favourite footballing moment? When we beat Japan to qualify for the Youth World Cup in Russia in 2006. It was extremely hot and humid in Thailand which made playing conditions very tough. We were behind Japan but managed to fight back and send the game into extra time which eventually resulted in us winning and qualifying for the Youth World Cup!

What-s the best goal celebration you-ve seen? Alicia Ferguson - 1st round of the Westfield W-League last year against Adelaide. She had a free kick a fair way outside the box and slotted the ball in the corner of the net. Her celebratory dance will be one that I think all of us will never forget - Alicia is always on hand for a good laugh!

What was it like being part of the photo shoot? The photo shoot was a great experience. I was also in last year-s shoot so I knew what to expect. The final results were fantastic! I am really happy to be able to promote women-s football as a professional game.

Last concert you went to? I saw Pink with most of the other girls from our team. She was amazing! It was at Brisbane Entertainment Centre a couple of months ago.

Favourite song on your iPod? Vampire Weekend - A-Punk. I went to Splendour in the Grass last year and Vampire Weekend performed. They were excellent!

First record or CD you ever bought? Hmmmm first tape? (I know, I am old!)... It was the Spice Girls first album, first CD was Aqua - Doctor Jones.

Last movie you saw in the cinema? Taking of Pelham 123 - It was excellent. You can always rely on Denzel Washington to deliver the goods!

City you-d most like to live in? I don-t like cities....I would love to live in Lennox Head though!

If you could be any other female celebrity in the world who would it be? Beyonce - apart from being absolutely gorgeous and talented, the way she holds herself in public and her bubbly, caring personality are very admirable qualities!

Favourite store at Westfield? Universal/General Pants - they always have something different and quirky.

Favourite Restaurant? Thai is definitely my favourite cuisine. Sing-s Asian Kitchen on Cavendish Rd in Coorparoo (Brisbane) is my favourite. Their meals are so tasty and very cheap!

Your last overseas holiday? I went to Fiji in February this year for five days. The little islands were absolutely beautiful....and the sun is lethal - I have never been so sunburnt in my life!

If you won lotto, what-s the first thing you-d buy? A cute little Queenslander style house with lots of character and a big veranda!!!!

Your star sign is Scorpio. Typically, they are passionate, meticulous and sarcastic. Does that accurately describe you? Mostly. I am very passionate - you can-t really succeed in sport or life for that matter if you are not passionate about it. I guess I am meticulous in that I like things to be ordered and organised, but I don-t think I am sarcastic.

What do you do outside football? I have completed almost 2 years of Primary Education at Uni. I am changing to Human Movement/Business in 2010. I am doing my Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness at the moment and I work at Coles in ‘out of code- a couple of shifts a week!

Do you have any pets? I have a puppy called Gus. He is a fawn coloured Pug. I went halvies with my sister. We were only going to buy one...however when we bought Gus, my sister and her fiancé decided to get another one, so I guess I kind of have 2 Pugs. They are brothers and the other one is Stanley and he is black. They are sooooo cute!

What-s your favourite drink? Banana and mango smoothie. There is a little juice booth in the middle of Queen St Mall in Brisbane that makes the BEST juices and especially smoothies!

Best piece of advice for girls wanting to start playing football? Be confident. Believing in yourself and being confident in what you-re doing in your sport and in life in general will result in much greater achievements than if you have self-doubt. Personally, I used to have a confidence issue. I did not believe I was good enough, whether it be at training or on camp. This was my biggest downfall. As soon as I started to trust myself and have confidence in my abilities, my performance was greatly enhanced!