Girls FC profile - Sas Collins

This is part of a series of Girls FC profiles on women’s teams and women in football. This week, we talk to Sas Collins from Brisbane.

This is part of a series of Girls FC profiles on women-s teams and women in football.

This week, we talk to Sas Collins from Brisbane. Sas is a huge football fan who does a lot for grassroots football in her community.

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How did you get into football? Honestly, I can't remember. I think it was because I grew up on a street full of boys and I was the only girl. Literally. I remember looking up English Division 1 results in the 1970s and '80s and catching an hour of highlights on the ABC on the weekends. Growing up in regional Rockhampton we didn't get a lot of NSL coverage.

Which footballer do you most admire/aspire to be like? I'm glad you asked that and not who is your favourite footballer. I really admire Ole Gunnar Solsjkear. He is the ultimate professional. He has achieved so much in football and continues to live under the radar while still having a post playing football career.

Which team(s) do you support? Rochedale Rovers, Brisbane Roar, and Man United (I'm married to a born-and-bred Red Manc ... like there's a choice!). My son and I also have a soft spot for Rochdale AFC - we were relegated to League 2 this season. Gutted.

Do you wear your teams- colours to matches? I do wear colours, my wardrobe is a mix of red, green, and orange. Gives you quite a headache looking at it. I'm not a big wearer of team jerseys, but I do have an awesome scarf collection.

How much has football permeated your life? It would be easier to ask what part of your life hasn't football permeated - 95 per cent of our friends are active football friends, either at a local club level, or Hyundai A-League followers. Most of them play or coach, or have kids that do.

Weeknights are generally spent up at Rovers, watching my son train or having a junior committee meeting. Weekends are full of junior football games.

Saturday nights during winter usually mean Rovers games (home or away), and Sundays just might be football free if there are no junior carnivals. Unless Rovers are playing. Or the Roar.

Most of our family holidays tend to be during the Hyundai A-League season and planned around Roar away games. Our last trip was to Japan to see the Roar in Tokyo. We've been to New Zealand for the Roar, and Thailand and Vietnam to watch the Socceroos.

There's lot of other time spent in football as well. Maintaining our club website (shameless plug -, Facebook page, weekly newsletters to team managers, coaches and parents. There's no off-season in the Collins house.

What-s your proudest footballing moment? Making it through 90 minutes of football in my first competitive game after not playing any sport for almost five years.

We-ve been told (and we can tell from your activity in the footballing community) that you-re an incredible ambassador for the game.

How do you encourage others to play and watch football? We try to be as positive about football as possible, which in turn makes it a positive option for people to spend their time doing. Whether it-s talking about my son's game, the latest Rovers game, or the Roar, we try to get people to see the enjoyment we get out of the game. And that's a lot.

What-s the best footballing advice you-ve ever received? Make sure your laces are done up.

Who would you name in your fantasy team starting XI? Peter Schmeichel, Darren Gray (proof that club loyalty still exists), Danny Tiatto, Eion Ashton, Nick Efstathis, Cody Lovell, Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Ole Gunnar Solsjkear, Terry Hughes, Tim Smits.

What? It-s my fantasy team right? Some of these players you'll have never heard of because they play for my local club; some I hope you'll hear of in the future.

They're all there because at some stage over the last 20 years they've given me a great deal of enjoyment watching them both on and off the field.

Terry Hughes has been our club captain at Rovers for the last three years and has just left us. He should have played for the Roar. Still could.

Eion Ashton a name for the future maybe, but he's only 11 now. That team will score a lot of goals … might be a bit weak in defence, but all faith in the Great Dane!

When you-re not playing football you-re ...? Quite boring. Reading books, watching TV, eating Japanese food (it-s become an addiction ...) P.S. It-s not so much playing football these days as watching my son. Youth is wasted on the young ...