Koca commits to Melbourne Victory

Melbourne Victory have re-signed one of their most experienced players, with Gulcan Koca committing to her ninth season in the Westfield W-League.

Koca has made 55 appearances in the Westfield W-League with Victory since 2009.

In a squad which will have more than its fair share of young talents, Koca’s maturity will be vital.

“A lot of players trust her,” Victory boss Jeff Hopkins revealed.

“She’s often a go-to person for players, so that side of her character off the field is really important.

“She’s obviously a Victory person as well, 100% through and through.

“Most importantly she’s here for her ninth season because she’s a good, quality player.

“She’s a very, very competitive person out on the field, and I think you need people like her in the squad.”

With a smaller Westfield W-League squad, Koca’s versatility is arguably her best trait as she able to play in a number of positions across the field.

“Last year we switched things around and played her as a six; we played with two sixes last year,” Hopkins said.

“She also played as a full back and she can give us cover as a central defender as well.

“When you have a smaller squad, players that can play well in different positions are really important.”

Gulcan Koca fact file

MVFC appearances: 55
Debut: November 14, 2009 v Brisbane
W-League winner in 2013/2014
W-League runner-up in 2012/2013