W-League player of the week: Lisa-Marie Woods

It’s unlikely there has ever been a bigger upset in the six-year history of the Westfield W-League than Adelaide United’s 1-0 victory over Brisbane Roar on Sunday.

The Roar went into the match at the top of the table with two championships in the bag and a roster packed with international talent. In contrast, the visiting Adelaide are three-time wooden spooners but secured the three points despite winning just six of 56 previous Westfield W-League matches.

Adelaide-s new mantra under Ross Aloisi is one of team over individual, but shining brightest among many stars for United was Norway international midfielder Lisa-Marie Woods. The much-travelled 29-year-old - she has also played in Norway, Denmark, USA and Canada - was integral in the heart of Adelaide engine room, despite both the unrelenting heat and tough opposition.

How did you enjoy winning such a historic match with the club? Lisa-Marie Woods: It is a very, very good win for the team. We knew going into the match we would have to work very hard as a team. Brisbane is a brilliant, side with great individual players. But we got the result and we are happy.

There is a new feel at Adelaide this season. Are you enjoying that? Absolutely. Ross (Aloisi) coming in as a coach, by the type he is, demands that. He demands 100 per cent for each other, and if don-t want to give 100 per cent and fight with your team-mates, then this team is not for you. We know we are underdogs in every game.

Is the fighting spirit working well despite so many poor seasons? It is about, like Ross says, the mentality of wanting to be a winner. So we work as hard as we can and hopefully harder than our opponents. We are in a team that has been struggling for many years. For returning players the attitude might be that we are not winners. Ross is trying to change that and we are looking to embrace that attitude every day.

What are the main attributes of this Adelaide team? It is hard work and spirit. Knowing your limitations, but not limiting yourself to them and reaching for the goals that we can go for. This is just one win and we take that and enjoy it. But now it is head down again, and work hard.

On a personal level are you in the groove with your football after missing the opening weeks of the season? Yes, I feel like I-m finding my feet more and more. I-m really enjoying the people and Australia, so I-m enjoying my time and that helps on the pitch as well.

How have you settled in Adelaide? I knew (Adelaide captain) Kristy Moore from Norway, so I knew what to expect. We are similar in the way we approach the game. She knew I would also enjoy the coaching staff and spirit within the team. There is good people around me and I-m enjoying it.

You had a brief spell at Perth, so you must have enjoyed the W-League enough to come back? In 2011 I was here for a brief period of time at Perth. I did enjoy what I saw over there. I played under Jamie (Harnwell) and I liked him as a coach as well. I liked the Australian attitude and I like the country, so when I had the opportunity for a second time it was certainly something I wanted to pursue.

How did you cope with the Brisbane heat the other day? Us Vikings from the North will never get used to that kind of heat (laughs). It is another challenge but something one just has to embrace. It is part of playing in summer in Australia, so just have to make the most of it.

On a lighter note, who is your favourite player in the W-League? There are quite a few I like for different reasons. I like Lisa De Vanna for her fighting spirit, I like KK (Elise Kellond-Knight) at Brisbane, I like Katrina Gorry who I played with at Ottawa with her dribbling and attacking.

Funniest Adelaide team-mate? That is hard to say, there could be a lot. I would say Alexandra Gummer, we can laugh at her comments.

And coolest team-mate? That would have to be Kristy Moore just judging by her hair.

What about uncoolest? That would have to be myself!