Westfield Player of the Week: Sam Kerr

Perth Glory forward Sam Kerr has lit up the Westfield W-League this season and she was at it again on Sunday scoring her maiden hat-trick in a stunning 5-0 win over Sydney FC.

The Perth-raised Kerr has returned home after a couple of seasons at Sydney FC, and her return has coincided with a Glory revival as the side marched to their inaugural Westfield W-League premiership.

Following a breakthrough season in the USA with Western New York Flash where she scored nine goals to be fifth top-scorer in the competition, Kerr has now reached a career-best nine Westfield W-League goals behind only team-mate Kate Gill on this season’s goal tally.

Here Kerr talks through the reasons for her rich vein of form, the Glory’s winning run, next year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup and dealing with a shoe fetish!

The Glory seemed to be in the zone on Sunday against Sydney FC. Was that just a case of the team’s momentum from recent weeks or playing without pressure?

(Coach) Jamie (Harnwell) said to us midweek we could be arrogant and play with confidence. No one in our team wants to go lose and we haven’t had many TV games so it was or chance to show Australia what we can do.

It was a near-perfect game for you. You seemed to enjoy the match?

I can’t complain about anything in the game. I was happy to get my first hat-trick. I said to the girls ‘I scored the girls but they set them up’, so I’m really thankful to all my team-mates.

It seems there is a strong bond among the whole Glory team?

There has been an awesome bond. No matter how different we are, we all get along. When you are doing well, it is easier to get along. Credit to Jamie for his pre-season work. We went to Broome and spent a few days up there together. We have really bonded on and off the field.

Would you say this is your best Westfield W-League season?

I had one really good season at Sydney where I felt I played quite good. But, yes, this season tops all. It feels like we are not even trying, but of course we are. We are having so much fun, and it is just happening for us. When you are playing well, luck falls on your side. My second goal was very lucky, but I think we have earned that luck. It is a big team thing here at Perth.

Do you feel there is a reason for your good form, be it playing the past two seasons in the US or simply maturing as a footballer?

Playing in the US obviously helps, playing against some of the world’s best every week. Credit to Jamie, because it is not easy to get us up week-in, week out and perform the way we have. I have really enjoyed his coaching and learnt a lot of him. For me it comes down to having fun, because when I’m having fun I just ‘do me’, and it all flows.

Is the FIFA Women’s World Cup in the back of the mind?

Yes, obviously everyone’s dream is to go to a World Cup, and I was lucky enough to go to Germany.  But the World Cup is over six months away, so I have to keep the form up and hopefully I’m on the plane.

And big news for Australian women’s football and the Westfield Matildas with Katrina Gorry wining the AFC Player of the Year….

Mini is a great player, she deserves it. I’m really happy for her. Sometimes some players don’t get the credit she deserves. Three years ago she was fighting for a W-League team and now she is the Asian player of the year. I’m really proud of her and it is great to have someone like that in our team.

And best question until last…What will you spend your Westfield player of the match voucher on?

I have a shoe fetish so probably shoes, although mum told me if I use it on shoes she will be mad!