Westfield W-League Ins and Outs: Remembrance Round (Round 3)

A number of players return from international duty this weekend as the Westfield W-League celebrates 'Remembrance Round'.

Here's all the squad news ahead of a crucial round of fixtures. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

Adelaide United v Perth Glory

Marden Sports Complex, Marden

Kick-Off: 5:20pm (Local) (4:50pm (AEDT))

Referee: Lara Lee


Ins: 10.Alex CHIDIAC (returns from illness)

Outs: nil

Unavailable: 11.Laura JOHNS (knee - 1 week), 14.Grace ABBEY (leg - 2 weeks)


Ins: 1.Gabby DAL BUSCO (GK) (promoted), 5.Patricia CHARALAMBOUS (promoted), 13.Jaymee GIBBONS (Promoted)

Outs: 7.Nicole STANTON (Injured) (5-6 weeks – broken arm), 24.Morgan AQUINO (GK) (not selected)

Unavailable: Nil

Adelaide United squad: 1.Eliza CAMPBELL (gk), 2.Emily HODGSON, 3.Makenzy DONIAK, 4.Alyssa MAUTZ, 5.Jenna McCORMICK, 6.Georgia CAMPAGNALE, 8.Emily CONDON, 9.Adriana JONES, 10.Alex CHIDIAC, 12.Chelsie DAWBER, 13.Nora PEAT, 15.Emma CHECKER (c), 16.Katelyn TUCKER, 20.Sarah WILLACY (gk), 24.Danielle COLAPRICO, 25.Katie NAUGHTON

**one to be omitted**

Perth Glory Squad: 1.Gabby DAL BUSCO (GK), 2.Sarah CARROLL, 3.Kim CARROLL, 4.Natasha RIGBY, 5.Patricia CHARALAMBOUS, 6.Danielle BROGAN, 8.Shawn BILLAM, 9.Rachel HILL, 10.Raquel RODRIGUEZ, 11. Nicola BOLGER, 12.Shannon MAY, 13.Jaymee GIBBONS, 16.Amanda FRISBIE, 17.Marianna TABAIN, 18.Melissa MAIZELS (GK), 20.Samantha KERR (c)

**one to be omitted**

Friday, 10 November 2017

Western Sydney Wanderers FC v Brisbane Roar FC

Marconi Stadium, Fairfield

Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))

Referee: Rachel Mitchenson


Ins: 4.Chloe O’BRIEN (promoted), 18.Alexandra HUYNH (promoted)

Outs: Nil               

Unavailable: Nil


Ins: 16.Hayley RASO (promoted), 18.Lucinda PULLAR (promoted), 19.Hollie PALMER (promoted)

Outs: 8.Kaitlyn TORPEY (broken arm – 3-4 weeks)

Unavailable: 20.Georgina WORTH (illness – 1 week)

Western Sydney Wanderers FC: 1.Jada WHYMAN (gk), 2.Maruschka WALDUS, 3.Jennifer BISSET, 4.Chloe O’BRIEN, 5.Kahlia HOGG, 6.Lo’eau LABONTA, 7.Ellie BRUSH, 8.Erica HALLOWAY, 9.Rosie SUTTON, 10.Lee FALKON, 11.Marlous PIEETE, 12.Rachel LOWE, 15.Talitha KRAMER, 16.Alix ROBERTS, 18.Alexandra HUYNH, 19.Susan PHONSONGKHAN, 20.Trudy BURKE (gk)

**two to be omitted**

Brisbane Roar FC squad: 1.Mackenzie ARNOLD (gk), 2.Carson PICKETT, 3.Amy CHAPMAN, 4.Clare POLKINGHORNE (c), 6.Celeste BOUREILLE, 7.Ayesha NORRIE, 9.Wai Ki CHEUNG, 10.Katrina GORRY, 11.Natalie TATHEM, 12.Allira TOBY, 13.Tameka BUTT, 14.Summer O’BRIEN, 15.Abbey LLOYD, 16.Hayley RASO, 18.Lucinda PULLAR, 19.Hollie PALMER, 30.Kirsten VEREEN (gk)

**two to be omitted**

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Canberra United v Sydney FC

McKellar Park, McKellar

Kick-Off: 4:30pm (Local) (4:30pm (AEDT))

Referee: Casey Reibelt


Ins: 6.Caitlin MUNOZ (Return from Injury), 10.Grace MAHER (promoted), 12.Bethany GORDON (Return from International duty), 21.Ellie CARPENTER (Return from International duty), 36.Georgia BORIC (Return from International duty)

Outs: 13.Lauren KEIR (Not Selected), 19.Aoife COLVILL (Not Selected), 22.Jasmine MAGUIRE (Not Selected), 35.Isobel DAVY (gk) (Not Selected)

Unavailable: 3.Clare HUNT (Foot 2-4 weeks), 7.Nickoletta FLANNERY (Foot 2-4 weeks)


Ins: 7.Rachael SOUTAR (promoted), 17.Angelique HRISTODOULOU (promoted), 21. Julia VIGNES (promoted)

Outs: 16.Emily SONNETT (international duty – 1 week)

Unavailable: Nil

Canberra United squad: 1.Haley KOPMEYER (gk), 4.Toni PRESSLEY, 6.Caitlin MUNOZ, 8.Liana DANASKOS, 10.Grace MAHER, 12.Bethany GORDON, 14.Ashleigh SYKES, 15.Sarah MORGAN, 16.Karly ROESTBAKKEN, 17.Madelyn WHITTALL, 18.Taren KING, 21.Ellie CARPENTER, 23.Michelle HEYMAN, 24.Kendall FLETCHER, 34.Laura BASSETT, 36.Georgia BORIC (gk)

**one to be omitted**

Sydney FC squad: 1.Sham KHAMIS (gk), 2.Teresa POLIAS (c), 3.Remy SIEMSEN, 4.Elizabeth RALSTON, 6.Chloe LOGARZO, 7.Rachael SOUTAR, 8.Amy HARRISON, 10.Kylie LEDBROOK, 11.Lisa DE VANNA, 12.Teigen ALLEN, 13.Georgia YEOMAN-DALE, 15.Caitlin COOPER, 17.Angelique HRISTODOULOU, 19.Leena KHAMIS, 20.Princess IBINI, 21. Julia VIGNES, 30.Sheridan RAINEY (GK)

**two to be omitted**

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Melbourne City FC v Newcastle Jets

AAMI Park, Melbourne

Kick-Off: 4:30pm (Local) (4:30pm (AEDT))

Referee: Rebecca Durcau


Ins: 16.Sofia SAKALIS (promoted), 18.Hayley RICHMOND (promoted)

Outs: 19.Tyla-Jay VLAJNIC (knee – 1 week)

Unavailable: 20.Emily SHIELDS (wrist – indefinite)


Ins: 12.Tara ANDREWS (promoted), 14.Tara PENDER (promoted), 18.Clare WHEELER (promoted)

Outs: 19.Ash BRODIGAN (omitted)

Unavailable: N/A

Melbourne City FC squad: 1.Lydia WILLIAMS (GK) 2.Yukari KINGA, 3.Lauren BARNES, 4.Ashley HATCH, 5.Lia MULDEARY, 7.Steph CATLEY (C), 9.Larissa CRUMMER, 10.Jess FISHLOCK, 11.Rhali DOBSON, 13.Rebekah STOTT, 14.Alanna KENNEDY, 15.Amy JACKSON, 16.Sofia SAKALIS, 17.Kyah SIMON, 18.Hayley RICHMOND, 23.Melissa HUDSON (GK)

**one to be omitted**

Newcastle Jets squad: 2.Hannah BREWER, 3.Natasha PRIOR, 5.Arin GILLILAND, 6.Cassidy DAVIS, 8.Sophie NENADOVIC, 9.Katie STENGEL, 10.Emily VAN EGMOND, 11.Cortnee VINE, 12.Tara ANDREWS 14.Tara PENDER, 16.Nikola ORGILL, 17.Jenna KINGSLEY, 18.Clare WHEELER, 20.Claire COEHLO (gk), 21.Pana PETRATOS, 23.Tori HUSTER, 28.Britt ECKERSTROM (gk)

**two to be omitted**