Westfield W-League Ins and Outs: Round 10

Round 10 in the Westfield W-League got underway on Wednesday night with Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets playing out a thrilling 2-2 draw at Allianz Stadium. 

Check out the squads for the remaining three matches scheduled for this weekend. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

Brisbane Roar FC v Melbourne Victory

Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, Queensland

Kick-Off: 5:20pm (Local) (4:20pm AEDT)

Referee: Rachel Mitchenson

Assistant Referee 1: Danielle Potticary

Assistant Referee 2: Paula Orlandi

Fourth Official: Rebecca Durcau

TV Broadcast: Live coverage on FOX SPORTS 501 from 5.00pm (AEDT) and SBS VICELAND from 5.00pm (AEDT)

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Brisbane Roar FC Squad: 1.Mackenzie ARNOLD (Gk), 2.Carson PICKETT, 4.Clare POLKINGHORNE (c), 6.Celeste BOUREILLE, 7.Ayesha NORRIE, 8.Kaitlyn TORPEY, 9.Wai Ki CHEUNG, 10.Katrina GORRY, 11.Natalie TATHEM, 12.Allira TOBY, 13.Tameka BUTT, 14.Summer O’BRIEN, 15.Abbey LLOYD, 16.Hayley RASO, 17.Emily GIELNIK, 19.Hollie PALMER, 20.Georgina WORTH (Gk)
**two to be omitted**

Ins: 7.Ayesha NORRIE (promoted), 11.Natalie TATHEM (promoted)
Outs: Nil
Unavailable: Nil

Melbourne Victory Squad: 1.Casey DUMONT (Gk), 3.Alex GUMMER, 5.Laura ALLEWAY, 6.Annabel MARTIN, 7.JEON Ga Eul, 8.Angela BEARD, 9.Natasha DOWIE, 10.Kyra COONEY-CROSS, 11.Melinda J BARBIERI, 13.Laura SPIRANOVIC, 14.Melina AYRES, 16.Lia PRIVITELLI, 17.Gulcan KOCA, 18.Tiffany ELIADIS, 19.Kristen MCNABB, 20. Bethany MASON-JONES (Gk), 31.CHRISTINA GIBBONS
**two to be omitted**

Ins: 3. Alex GUMMER (promoted), 18.Tiffany ELIADIS (returns from illness)
Outs: Nil
Unavailable: Nil

Roar Women
Roar could extend their lead at the top of the table.

Sunday, 7 January 2018
Melbourne City FC v Perth Glory
City Football Academy, Bundoora, Victoria
Kick-Off: 4:30pm (Local) (4:30pm AEDT)
Referee: Casey Reibelt
Assistant Referee 1: Laura Moya
Assistant Referee 2: Lauren Hargrave
Fourth Official: Joanna Charaktis

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Melbourne City FC Squad: 1.Lydia WILLIAMS (Gk), 2.Yukari KINGA, 3.Lauren BARNES, 4.Ashley HATCH, 6.Aivi LUIK, 7.Steph CATLEY (c), 9.Larissa CRUMMER, 10.Jess FISHLOCK, 12.Jodie TAYLOR, 11.Rhali DOBSON, 13.Rebekah STOTT, 14.Alanna KENNEDY, 15.Amy JACKSON, 16.Sofia SAKALIS, 17.Kyah SIMON, 19.Tyla-Jay VLAJNIC, 23.Melissa HUDSON (Gk)

**two to be omitted**

Ins: 9.Larissa CRUMMER (promoted), 16.Sofia SAKALIS (promoted)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 20.Emily SHIELDS (Gk) (wrist – indefinite)

Perth Glory Squad: 2.Sarah CARROLL, 3.Kim CARROLL, 4.Natasha RIGBY, 5.Patricia CHARALAMBOUS, 6.Danielle BROGAN, 7.Nicole STANTON, 8.Shawn BILLAM, 9.Rachel HILL, 10.Raquel RODRIGUEZ, 11. Nicola BOLGER, 12.Shannon MAY, 16.Amanda FRISBIE, 17.Marianna TABAIN, 18.Melissa MAIZELS (Gk), 20.Samantha KERR (c), 30.Morgan AQUINO (Gk)

**one to be omitted**

Ins: 6. Danielle BROGAN (promoted), 20.Samantha KERR (c) (returns from family absence)
Outs: 13.Jaymee GIBBONS (omitted)
Unavailable: 1.Gabby DAL BUSCO (Gk) (arm – 1-2 weeks

Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr is back for Glory

Sunday, 7 January 2018
Canberra United v Adelaide United
McKellar Park, McKellar, ACT
Kick-Off: 6:30pm (Local) (6:30pm AEDT)
Referee: Kate Jacewicz
Assistant Referee 1: Nia Southwell
Assistant Referee 2: Georgia Ghirardello
Fourth Official: Delfina Dimoski

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Canberra United Squad: 1.Haley KOPMEYER (Gk), 3.Clare HUNT, 4.Toni PRESSLEY, 6.Caitlin MUNOZ, 8.Liana DANASKOS, 10.Grace MAHER, 11.Elise THORSNES, 12.Bethany GORDON, 14.Ashleigh SYKES, 16.Karly ROESTBAKKEN, 17.Madelyn WHITTALL 18.Taren KING, 20.Amy SAYER, 21.Ellie CARPENTER, 23.Michelle HEYMAN, 34.Laura BASSETT, 36.Georgia BORIC (Gk)
**two to be omitted**

Ins: 12.Bethany GORDON (promoted), 14.Ashleigh SYKES (promoted), 18.Taren KING (promoted), 20.Amy SAYER (promoted)
Outs: 5.Brianno OLIVERIO (omitted), 19.Aoife COLVILL (omitted)
Unavailable: 7.Nicki FLANNERY (foot – indefinite)

Adelaide United Squad: 2.Emily HODGSON, 3.Makenzy DONIAK, 4.Alyssa MAUTZ, 5. Jenna McCORMICK, 6.Georgia CAMPAGNALE, 8.Emily CONDON, 9.Adriana JONES, 10.Alex CHIDIAC, 11.Laura JOHNS, 12.Chelsie DAWBER, 13.Nora PEAT, 14.Grace ABBEY, 15.Emma CHECKER (c), 20.Sarah WILLACY (Gk), 24.Danielle COLAPRICO, 25.Katie NAUGHTON, 30.Evelyn GOLDSMITH (Gk)
**two to be omitted**

Ins: 2.Emily HODGSON (promoted), 13.Nora PEAT (promoted)
Outs: Nil
Unavailable: 1.Eliza CAMPBELL (Gk) (concussion – 1 week)

Ash Sykes could return for Canberra.