Who's Who in the W - Emily Van Egmond

Cheeky, bright blue-eyed Novacastrian, Emily Van Egmond has continued to forge her career as a footballer

Cheeky, bright blue-eyed Novacastrian, Emily Van Egmond has continued to forge her career as a footballer down in the Nation-s capital having moved with her dad, Gary Van Egmond. Em moved down with her father early last year when he too up the AIS coaching role with the boys- youth program and saw it as a good opportunity become part of the Canberra United side and the ACTAS program.

‘A year ago we moved down for dad-s job. It was a bit disorganised in Newcastle and we had just lost Gary Phillips as coach. The women-s program was better here at the time and the facilities are just too good. I really enjoy it in Canberra, except I miss the beach terribly,- she says.

Em will soon graduate from Lake Ginninderra College with her year 12 certificate and will begin working at the AIS. She will be involved in the learn to swim program and has just completed two weeks of voluntary training. When asked whether or not she is enjoying her first ever job, her response in classic Em cheek, ‘Yes for the money and no for the responsibility [laughs]. No I-m really looking forward to helping kids swim. It-s an important skill to have in life. Plus it-s fun.-

Em is the happiest when she-s out on the park playing football, and Ray Junna, Canberra United-s head coach, believes Em-s ‘enthusiasm and appetite for the game is one of [her] hallmarks.-

Her ability to hit long passes, her vision, and touch on the ball provides Reggie with a great deal of flexibility. ‘She can challenge me at times, but hey, she is only 17,- Reggie added.

This year Em‘s goal is to win the Westfield W-league with Canberra United. Ultimately she wants to play professionally overseas. ‘I would play in Spain if they had an equivalent women-s team to Barcelona FC; however, they don-t so I would play in the English Super League which I-ve heard will be soon up and running...for Liverpool.- Em-s eyes light up with the possibility of one day playing pro. It hasn-t all been smooth sailing for Em, though. She broke her ankle when training with the Matildas quite early on. ‘I was only young and it was difficult to accept at the time. All I wanted to do was play and I couldn-t.- She had to concentrate on her rehabilitation, which meant many hours at the gym, swimming and a lot of physiotherapy. ‘I was pretty lucky to get in with an amazing ankle surgery specialist who had previously fixed up Timmy Cahill and Harry Kewell,- she says.

Injuries are difficult to accept when you-re only a teenager—they never come at a convenient time. But Em was able to take some positives away from the experience. ‘I try to remind myself not to take it for granted when I don-t have any injuries.-

In my eyes, Em has a great deal of potential and I really hope she makes the most of her ability and opportunities that come her way. I-ve enjoyed getting to know her and playing alongside her this season. I too, hope we reach Em-s goal for the year of 2011 ;)

Some more facts about Em:

• Birthday: 12 July • Height: 174cm • Favorite animal/pet: My dog Milly :) • What-s the best thing about being in the W-League? Playing against good competition. • What are the most important skills to possess to be good in your position on the field? Passing, vision and knowing the game. • How did you get into football? How old were you? I was four. My father was a big influence. • What do you think your best skill is? My passing. • Favourite ‘treat- to eat? Hot chips! • Favourite all time meal? A lamb roast! • Favourite Matilda and why? Cheryl Salisbury, because she has achieved so much! • Who inspires you? My father. • Who-s your best friend on the field and why? Sammy Kerr and Nicola Bolger because we like to have a good laugh. • What-s the most fun thing about playing football? It-s enjoyable. • What was your first football team? Sydney Baulkham Hills Magpies! • What advice would you give a 10-year-old aspiring footballer? To have fun and enjoy it. • Favourite thing to wear (off the field)? Swimmers. • Favourite actor / actress? Cameron Diaz. • Favourite movie? Blue Crush. • What is your most memorable football experience? Playing with the likes of Cheryl and Joey Peters for Newcastle Jets. • Do you have a Football idol? Zinedine Zidane. • Favourite thing to do when not playing football or training? Head to the beach.

Thanks Em and best of luck for the rest of the season!